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Wondering How to remove negative Google reviews? Don’t Worry! ReviewSolved can help you.


Right from installing a free app available at the Google play store to buying an expensive car, people check out reviews. Seeing reviews has been the most popular method to do a research on a brand. Approximately 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Well, that’s obvious because everybody wants to know what experience others had with you. Having a couple of negative reviews in the Google search results can be a costly affair.


You may be a victim of fake reviews propagated by your competitors or ex-employees to bring you down. To build a good reputation, it takes years and to spoil it takes just few negative comments. Many beginners commit a common mistake to ignore negative reviews. So, let us know how bad reviews can impact your business.

Impact of negative reviews on your business.

Reduction In Web Traffic

Customers usually see a business with a significant number of negative reviews as a risky option and hence ignore your Google listing. Here it doesn't matter how engaging your website is or how Compelling your offers are because the customers are not going to click on the listing and visit your website.

Makes Your Competitors Strong

Your competitors are providing same products and services as that of you. Bad reviews redirect your customers to your competitors and make them strong. It makes you lose your hard-earned position in the market to your competitors. Unfortunately, it makes extremely difficult for you to gain new customers.

Negative Impact On Purchasing Decision

Negative review can adversely affect purchasing decision of your customers. Here are some statistics to prove our point. 97% of people say customer reviews influence their purchase decision. 35% say just one single negative review can make them decide not to purchase. 86% of people hesitate to buy from a business that has bad reviews.

Losing Existing Customers

It takes so much time to build your own customer base. Negative reviews generate hesitation among your existing customers and make it difficult to retain them. As the result of which, your customer base starts shrinking, and your business starts declining.