Top 8 Reasons To Write a Press Release


A press release is a written content that shows specific but brief information about an event or happening. It is typically used by businesses or organisations to spread the words with the help of media. Press release plays an important role in both online reputation management (ORM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Writing them will not only help you to establish a good online reputation but also improve your digital marketing efforts. Here are the top 8 reasons to write a press release. Here we go.

1. Awards and achievements

Hard work usually leads to awards, recognition, honour or any other form of achievements. This normally happens for innovation, originality, excellence, leadership, growth, or helping society. Apart from these things you might also be honoured for achieving a milestone, recovering from a deadly problem, or completing a famous project.

Recognition is a huge plus point in online reputation management. If you get one, you should make sure everybody knows it. We are living in the marketing world. There is no harm in promoting your achievements. And the best way to do it is by writing a press release. Reading your achievements via press establishes instant credibility and generates unlimited leads.

2. New products and services

Business owners usually depend upon email marketing and social media marketing to promote new products and services. Although they are the top methods of digital marketing, one needs to understand the fact that these methods help you reach the people who already know you. In other words, there is less scope to reach the people who are unaware of your business or brand. 

Press release, on the other hand, helps you to reach a wider audience, including the people who are not aware of your business. So, whenever you are going to launch a new product or a service think of writing a press release. Note that media is not going to publish your content unless and until it adds value to their readers. Hence, write your press release keeping this fact in mind.

3. Charitable efforts

People these days love brands that do charity and help society. If you have not done any charity until this moment, you should think again. There are two great reasons to do charity. First and foremost thing is that it helps the society, the poor, and the needy ones. The other reason is that it uplifts your brand image and makes you unique.

Try to do charity using your products and service. Let us explain this with an example. If you run a business that sells blankets, coats, and gloves give them to the people who cannot afford, for free. If you sell toys, send some for handicapped kids for free. And of course, if you can help above this, there is no bigger reason to be happy.

Writing press releases, for this reason, will encourage and motivate others to do the same. Make sure the tone of your press release is set right. It should not be filled with self-praise to gain a good reputation. Try to focus on saying how you care for people and how helping them matters you the most. Lastly, be generous. Do not do charity only for the sake of publicity.

4. Notable events

There are different kinds of events in the business world. Conferences, community fairs, fundraisers, entertainment shows, trade shows, business union meetings, and community gathering are some well-known business events. Hosting sponsoring or attending these events is very common in almost all business. Whenever you do so make sure you write a press release highlighting its prominence.

Here, in this case, writing a press release will help you to improve brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand visibility.

5. Recent promotions and hirings

Whenever you promote your employees to a significant position or hire new employees, make sure you write a press release and highlight the same. Doing so helps you in multiple ways. Below we are mentioning some:

  • Helps you to attract talented workers

  • Shows that you care about your employees

  • Establishes credibility

  • Improves brand image

  • Encourages the existing employees to work hard

Note that your press release should also speak about the contribution, achievements, and success of your employees. Also, do not forget to include their future goals and aims. It sets the right tone for the rest of the employees.

6. Research conclusions

Believe it or not, people, in general, are crazy about research. Who doesn’t want to know about new knowledge? Research outcomes are hot cakes. That is the reason why digital marketers usually ask business owners to do research and come up with conclusions. If the conclusions are interesting, it can work wonders for both search engine optimization and online reputation management. It will simply establish you as an industry expert.

Once you are established as an industry expert, good reputation, lead generation, conversions, sales, and profits will just follow. Hence, it is really important to write a press release highlighting the research results.

7. New business website

SEO experts usually say that it is hard to rank a new website on Google’s first page. Hence, It normally takes time to rank a brand new website. So, if you have started a new business and own a new website then you are less likely to get website traffic. That is because your website is not ranked and nobody knows about your website.

Writing a press release can solve this issue. People will come to know about your new business and website both. As a result, you will gain website traffic and good initial momentum.

8. Viral possibilities

One of the biggest advantages of writing a press release is that there is a good chance of getting your content viral. Once your content is viral, you can see exponential growth in your customer base overnight. Along with that, you get unlimited leads and brand awareness.

Being said that, it is not good to expect each and every press release of yours to go viral. Going viral is one of the awesome by-products of a press release. Writing a press release only for the sake of going viral is not a good idea. In the long run, you might get demotivated and stop yourself. Basically, you need to set your expectations right.