Top 10 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

By 21st March 2019Online Reputation
Blogging mistakes

You know the importance of having an online presence for your business. So, you have created a website. You also know how vital search engine optimization (SEO) is for your business site. After doing brief online research, you might have already understood, what exactly is SEO and how it is done.

SEO is not a one time process. One needs to run the SEO campaign continuously throughout the year to excel in the competition. Although these campaigns are run by SEO agencies, it is not a good idea to rely on them completely. SEO companies usually advise you to follow some SEO best practices. One of the most popular best practices of SEO is blogging. It creates fresh content, which is the number one ranking signal.

Blogging is not easy. It is an industry that is changing frequently. It is quite difficult to keep up with changes and know what is going to work and what is not. If you are a beginner, you are more likely to do some common mistakes which beginners usually do. So, in this blog post, we are going to list the top 10 blogging mistakes that you should avoid.

Blogging Mistake 1: Unrealistic blogging schedule

When you begin blogging, you have numerous ideas. It is all new, original, and interesting. So, it is easy to publish more frequently. You may feel one blog per day is no big deal. However, this is not going to work in the long run. When you are out of ideas, you will slow down. Moreover, you are a business owner, it is not realistic to focus only on blogging.

On the other hand, some bloggers do not set a proper blogging schedule at all. It is quite possible that they do not post for months. As a result, your audience will not know when to expect a post from you. Therefore, set a realistic and predictable blogging schedule. Make sure you are publishing at least once or twice a week.

Like said earlier, blogging is usually done for SEO. If you find no time for blogging, contact your SEO company and ask them to do it for you.

Blogging Mistake 2: Skipping audience research

Many business owners are so busy with their business, SEO, and blog, they think audience research is not worth the time. This is mainly because they feel they already know their audience. They think there is no need for doing research. As a result, they tend to jump into blogging without doing proper research.

Blogging without doing in-depth audience research is a huge mistake. It can directly or indirectly impact your whole business. So if you have not done audience research yet, do it now. Analyze demographics and develop an ideal customer profile. Once you have a clear idea about how your audience is, it becomes easy to answer the below questions.

  • What type of content should be created?
  • How products and services can be promoted?
  • How to improve audience engagement?
  • How to expand audience reach?

Blogging Mistake 3: Duplication of content

One of the main purposes of blogging is search engine optimization. So, people usually concentrate solely on SEO. They do blogging for the sake of doing. As a result, they end up copying from the other blogs. Google considers the duplication of content as black hat SEO trick. Not many know that Google can identify copied content within seconds, and can penalize your website. In the end, you may lose both visibility and credibility.

Some bloggers come up with the smart tricks to cheat the search engine algorithms. They either use article spinning tools or rewrite the whole article. However, both methods are good for nothing. If you use article spinner, you will get poor content. On the other hand, if you rewrite the whole article using different words, it will lack originality. Your audience will never get to read something they have never read before.

So, it makes sense to concentrate more on audience engagement. Focus on making yourself unique and fulfill the needs of an online audience. The truth is that content creation takes time. If you want to save time you can hire an SEO company or take professional help of a content writer.

Blogging Mistake 4: Not replying to comments

Online reputation management (ORM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are the two digital marketing methods, where replying to comments is consider to be fundamental. Let us talk about online reputation management. Replying to comments will showcase how much you value the words of the audience and strengthen consumer relationship, which is one of the main goals of an online reputation management strategy.

From the SEO point of view, comments show audience interaction, which is a ranking factor. In simple terms, more comments lead to more interaction, and more interaction leads to a better search engine ranking. If you are not replying to your blog comments, your audience will eventually stop commenting on your blogs. Consequently, you will lose your audience interaction, which is not a good sign.

Blogging Mistake 5: Lack of variation

There are three main pillars of blogging. Those are quality of content, posting frequency, and variations in the posts. Well, everyone knows how important the quality of content and posting frequency is. However, not many know that variation is also an important factor to consider.

You simply cannot post the same content written using different words. Doing so can make you lose the existing followers. So, try to bring variety in your blogging. It is a good idea to surprise your audience, but make sure you do not go off topic. Ultimately you should always aim to give something new to your audience.

Blogging Mistake 6: Not adding facts and stats

 Let us understand this with an example. Consider you need to write an article on the topic “Why your business website should be mobile friendly?” There are two ways to write an introduction to this article.

  1. In recent years, growth in the number of mobile internet users has been noticed.
  2. According to Statista, in 2018, 52.2 % of all website traffic worldwide came from mobile devices, up from 50.3 % in 2017.

Which sentence looks better? The second one, right? Just writing plane content without facts, stats or sources can be uninteresting. Providing facts and stats is the best method to establish credibility. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to make or prove your point. Make sure you add source, just like we have done.

Blogging Mistake 7: Following outdated SEO practices

The Internet is a cool place. You can find answers to almost all questions. However, not all information found on the Internet is correct all the time. Means, the information which is correct today may be incorrect next year. This is completely true in the case of blogging.

Blogging SEO practices keep changing. This is because Google updates its search algorithm regularly. Obviously, SEO experts update their practices to adopt the changes. As a result, SEO practices are evolved. When you google to find out the SEO practices you might read an old article and pick the old and irrelevant practices.

Furthermore, content writers do online research before writing blogs. They are more likely to read the old content and rewrite it. As a result, old and irrelevant content end up in the new articles. That is exactly how blogging myths are born. So, it is good to read content from trusted SEO companies.

Blogging Mistake 8: Inconsistency

When it comes to blogging, you must be consistent. The idea is to become predictable. Now, what does it mean? It means one should be so consistent that the audience should be able to guess when the next post will be added.

Know your audience. Discover when they like to read your posts. See stats. You can find at what time or on what day you get more traffic. Select that particular day and time as your posting schedule. SEO experts usually recommend posting at least one or two blogs per week. If you are posting on weekends regularly for a long period of time, your followers will expect to see your content on weekends. In the long run, you will establish dependability and trust.

Blogging Mistake 9: Not editing the content

Many new bloggers commit this mistake very often. They think it sounded all good while writing, so it must be great content. However, it is not true. Editing is a must. Once you have finished writing, spend at least half an hour for editing the content.

Yes, your post might be awesome. However, you may require to shape, organize or give the final touch to it. It is a good idea to use tools to commit less grammar and spelling mistake. Some of these tools are WhiteSmoke, Grammarly,  and other grammar checker tools. It is quite easy to use these tools, as they come with the Google Chrome extension.

Blogging Mistake 10: Ignoring SEO

Last but not least, SEO is the most important aspect of blogging. In fact, SEO experts recommend blogging to gain SEO benefits. Yes, audience engagement is important. However, SEO is also equally important. You need to keep them balanced.

Here are the SEO best practices you need to follow to rank your site higher on the search engine results page.

  •  Keywords: Use SEO tools and find out the most relevant keywords. Embed these keywords into your content. Make sure you do not over do it. It is vital to maintaining a healthy keyword density.
  • Link Building: Links are one of the major search engine ranking factors. Do not buy or exchange them. Focus on natural link building methods. Note that link building takes time.
  • Social Media: Create a page on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Share your blogs on these pages. This is one of the easiest methods to gain huge incoming traffic.