The Top 10 Benefits Of NoFollow Backlinks

By 20th September 2018Online Reputation
NoFollow Backlinks

Link building is an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO). Without backlinks, you cannot rank your web page on the search engine results page. There are two kinds of backlinks. They are nofollow and dofollow backlinks. Let us understand what are they, and how do they differ.

Dofollow backlinks are the links that allow the search engines to follow them and reach your site. It gives you the link juice. By default, all the links are dofollow links unless they are modified to be nofollow. SEO agencies, SEO experts, and webmasters aim to build dofollow links. This is because these links influence the search engine ranking of a website.

Nofollow backlinks instruct search engines that hyperlink should not influence the search engine ranking of link’s target. Although they do not improve search engine ranking, they still play a vital role in digital marketing. Here are the top 10 benefits of nofollow backlinks.

1. Organic traffic

No doubt we run the SEO campaign to achieve a higher search engine ranking. However, that is not the only goal digital marketers try to achieve. One of the top goals of search engine optimization is to gain huge traffic. So, if some links are providing you with organic traffic, then what are your reasons to avoid it? None, right?

Make sure the nofollow links come from a relevant source. What matters the most is the quality of the traffic. Yes, the quality of traffic is more important than the quantity of traffic. As a business owner, you what people to visit as well as buy something from your website. Quality traffic helps you to do more sales.

2. Brand awareness

Links are giving different meanings these days. A particular link could mean, “this is an article that supports my point of view, and it might be valuable for you.” It can also mean, “I frequently buy from here, try out the cool collections.” In simple words, a link is created to build awareness of something on a different website.

In digital marketing brand awareness is an important factor to consider. That is the reason why SEO agencies are offering link building services. Nofollow backlinks may not boost search engine ranking, but they can improve brand awareness.

3. Healthy backlink profile

When it comes to an effective link building strategy, it is important to have a natural backlink profile. Search engines like Google have developed algorithms to examine the type and quality of links built. In short, a search engine checks how healthy your backlink profile is.

If your profile has a high number of dofollow links, the search engine gets suspicious. This is because a backlink profile with a high number of dofollow links is considered as unnatural and unhealthy. Consequently, your site can be penalized. Therefore, it is important to obtain some nofollow links so that the link profile does not appear spammy.

4. Improve DA, PA and other metrics

Although DA, PA, Ahrefs rank, Alexa rank, etc., are not related to Google anyway, we still check out these metrics to get a good idea about digital marketing progress. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. This is because of the lack of info about your website statistics. As a result, one has to depend on these parameters to some extent.

Nofollow tags are not considered as the direct ranking factor by search engines. However, the sites like Moz, Ahrefs, and Alexa have a complete index of all your links built. So, having a good number of nofollow backlinks can make it easy for you to improve DA, PA, and other parameters.

5. Better relationship with bloggers

Blog commenting is one of the popular off-page SEO strategies. It can surely build a strong relationship between you and the other bloggers. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to link to your site. Post valuable content via blog commenting, there is a good chance that people will look up to your site. In the long run, you will be successful in earning the trust of the people.

The other advantage of having a good relationship with the bloggers of the same niche is that it opens a window for link exchange. So, it can be said that nofollow links can lead to dofollow links indirectly. That is the main reason why SEO companies do not ignore nofollow links.

6. Safe

Nofollow links are pretty safe. This is not the case with dofollow links. In the case of dofollow backlinks, you have to worry about links that point to your site. That is one has to ensure the link are high in quality. Things are different when it comes to nofollow links. You do not have to worry about the links that point to your web pages.

In simple words, nofollow links are worry-free. Your website is at almost no risk when it comes to nofollow backlinks. However, that does not mean one should spam the Internet. Too much of anything is bad. It can still hurt your search engine ranking.

7. High authority

One of the biggest advantages of nofollow links is that it helps you to build authority. In the first point, we already discussed that nofollow links help you to gain referral traffic. This referral traffic can lead to new subscribers and new customers.

To be frank, this is not going to work for all the people. If you want to make it work you have to do two things. One, build links on popular websites. Two, create high-quality fresh content. So, it is important to have a strategy. Just you can’t start building links. With a proper strategy, you are destined to fail the business goals.

8. More profit

Nofollow links are capable of leading potential customers to buy your products and services. However, this one is not easy, it takes time. Follow the best practice of creating awareness and engagement among the people. Doing so will expand your audience in the long run.

SEO experts usually express the importance of nofollow links via the equation – “a+e=p.” Here, “a” means awareness, “e” means engagement, and “p” means profit. Well, the fact is that you need to continuously work hard to gain a steady stream of profit. It is not good to expect the profits from day one.

9. Expand the audience

The other benefit of building nofollow links is that it expands your audience. We have already discussed how the nofollow link can improve brand awareness. It is pretty obvious that brand awareness improves the chances of people noticing your brand. When more people start to notice your brand, they will tend to join you. Well, this takes time. This works only when your brand name is noticed frequently over a long period of time. So, stay focused and dedicated.

10. Links lead to more links

Not many are aware of the fact that links are capable of building furthermore links. Alright, let us take an example. You created high-quality fresh content. You posted the content on the platforms where you have an active presence. Fortunately, your content is liked by your followers. So, they start to share your content. As a result, your content reaches to more and more people and becomes viral.

Developing viral content is the best way to gain more links in less time. It is not always bad to build numerous links in a short period of time. Google understands viral marketing, and how the content can go viral over a couple of days, so never hesitate to build links. However, it is not good to invest your time and money on unnatural link building methods.