Top 10 Lead Generation Tools In Digital Marketing 

By 30th August 2018Online Reputation
Lead generation tool

As a business owner, you have two ultimate goals. Those are, maintaining your current customers and expanding your customer base. This can be effectively done by lead generation, which is a vital component of digital marketing. It deals with the identification and cultivation of potential customers for your products and services.

However, lead generation does not mean you should focus only on bringing your customers to your site. Traffic is just one among many goals. Lead generation deals with many things such as collecting information about a potential customer and nurturing them to buy your products. In order to do so, you will need the right lead generation tools. Here are some of the most amazing lead generation tools you can use it in digital marketing strategy.

1. Hunter 

Hunter is a wonderful tool to do a quick email search. All you need to do is type a domain name. This lead generation tool will find the email pattern. The other good thing about this tool is that it shows a confidence rating. As the result, you will know the probability of an email being right. Since this tool comes in the form of a Google Chrome plugin, it is easy to use. The free version comes with 100 lookup requests. Whereas, the paid versions start at $39/month for 1000.

2. Datanyze

 Do you own a tech business? If yes, then we have good news for you. This lead generation tool can find leads based on information about the technology your potential customers are currently using. Datanyze comes with a prospecting tool to help you find contact information easily. You can send this data to your CRM software for better management.

This tools also come in the form of the Google Chrome extension. The free version can analyze up to 50 domains. Here are the details you can discover with this tool:

  • Year in which a company was founded

  • Revenue estimation

  • Employee strength

  • Emails of the people in the organization

 The paid version can analyze 500 domains on a monthly basis, which costs nearly $50 per month.

3. Quora

 Quora is basically a question and answer website. However, nowadays it has evolved into an amazing lead generation platform. You can promote your products or services by answering queries of people. In the long run, you can establish yourself as an industry expert and build trust among potential customers. Huge incoming traffic is one of the amazing by-products of using this platform.

 This platform gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience. So it is easy to know your audience, for instance, their likes, dislikes, concerns, complaints, and expectations. Furthermore, You can even ask questions to engage your audience or to extract information.

 In this question and answer platform, you can view the number of views on your answers & questions, and people following a particular topic. This makes it easy for you to find your ideal audience. You can nurture these people and lead them to sales. In the end, this is a totally free platform. If used right, it can generate unlimited leads.

 4. LeadPages

 In digital marketing, there is a difference between a lead and a visitor. The more a potential customer stays on your site, the more he or she is likely to become a customer. This lead generation tool helps you to create a mind-blowing landing site that grabs attention and makes the potential customers to know more about you.

 So it can be said that it is an important tool not only for lead generation but also for search engine optimization (SEO) and web development. You can easily step up and test fully optimized pages. With this tool, you have a wide range of design elements, features, and analytics. Rightfully, LeadPages claims to be the number one landing page builder.

 Leadpages starts at 25$/month for limitless mobile responsive pages.

 5. Lead Forensics

 Just ask this one simple questions to yourself. How many potential leads visit your site and how many among them fill out your enquiry form? If you find only a less number of people fill out your enquires forms, you may need Lead Forensics.

 This tool helps you to increase the percentage of visitor filling out your website forms. It uses visitor’s IP address and tells who is viewing your business website. This is true even when they do not fill out the form. In other words, it is easy to know when popular brand visit your site and leave without filling the form.

 With the help of this information, your sales team can contact the brand or the company and speak to the required person. So, with this tool, you can expect to see an increment in conversion rate.

 6. HubSpot 

 HubSpot is one of the top lead generation software. It has the ability to monitor behavior and supervise platforms like social media sites, landing pages, email, and call to actions. This lead generation tool has an integrated system that automates the process of lead generation and minimizes manual work. So, if you have limited time to spend on lead generation, you can try out this tool.

 Some of the advantages of using this tool are:

  • Built-in CRM

  • Alerts

  • Revisit notification


 Most of the lead generation tools largely focus on email campaigns, digital marketing, and social media marketing. There are very few tools which actually focus on the two main aspects of lead generation, which are cold calling and prospecting. Yes, you guessed it right. excels the most in phone prospecting and improves sales.

 So, if your business largely relies on cold calling for sales, then is the tool you should be using. The good thing is that this lead generation tool fits into the budget of almost all business owners, including small business owners.

8. Hoovers

 Hoovers is the largest single source of business information. If you are looking for personalized leads, Hoovers is an amazing tool that you should try. It helps you to build target lists of new potential customers.

 This lead generation tool offers the below things:

  • Dynamic search

  • List building capabilities

  • Company profiles

  • Research and technology reports

  • Trigger alerts

 9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

 If you want to target buyers, grasp key insights and engage with personalized outreach, then Linkedin sales Navigation is made for you. This tool is largely used by the B2B owners. Linkedin Sales Navigator makes it easy for you to save your leads into your CRM.

 Annual plans of this leading lead generation tool start at $64.99. Quality comes at a cost. This is true not only in the case of a lead generation tool but also in other digital marketing tools. So, if you want your lead generation strategy to work, you should not hesitate to invest some money.

10. Bontact

 This amazing lead generation tool helps you to connect your customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In other words, it provides a single place for voice, text and web chat for you to contact a potential customer. As a result, you are not going to have any sort of stress or hassle.

Furthermore, it gives an option to connect cross conversation. That is you can synchronize Facebook Messenger, Voice Calls, Wechat, Telegram, Slack, Salesforce, Line, Sugar CRM, Freshbooks, Insghtly, Zendesk and many more.

So say no to toggling between multiple dashboards to get the full idea. Use Bontact and enjoy all in one data feed, with one universal dashboard.