8 Main Reasons Why Your Customers Read Online Reviews

Reading Google Reviews

Did you know? Nearly 90% of the customers read online reviews before buying any product or service on the Internet. And 84% of the people who read online reviews, trust them as much as personal recommendations. These two online reputation management stats are enough to prove the importance of reviews for a business owner.

As a business owner, question yourself one simple thing. Why do people read reviews before buying anything from the Internet? They might be looking for something or there may be some reason, right? Knowing these reasons is beneficial in two ways.
You will come to know what your customers are looking for in the reviews. Hence, it becomes easy for you to write informative and customer-oriented responses to the reviews.
You can leverage these reasons, and convert more people.
Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to list all the 8 main reasons for why customers read online reviews.

1. To know if the product fulfills the promise made.

As a business owner, you present your products and services in the good light. Your customers know this fact very well. They want to read the reviews of former customers to know the actual truth. Typing your business name and reading your Google reviews for a couple of minutes is all it takes to know whether the product fulfills the promise you made.

The best thing to do here is to make promises sensibly. Do not make tall promises. When you do not match the expectation created, you are going to receive negative Google reviews in bulk. In fact, online reputation management experts say mismatch between the expectation created and quality delivered, is one of the most common sources of the bad Google reviews.

2. To judge the popularity of the product.

This is one of the popular reasons why potential customers read online reviews. Not many small-business owners know that product popularity has a role to play in an online reputation management. Let us illustrate with an example.

Consider, there are two coffee shops A and B. If A has more reviews than B, then A will appear more popular. However, the ground reality might be completely different. This is the reason why encouraging customers to leave the online reviews is one of the most common best practices in online reputation management. Here are some good methods to increase your Google review count.

Offer incentives to your customers in form of discount coupons for leaving an online review.
Send a follow-up email.
Place call to action button in the appropriate places.
Make the whole process simple and easy.

3. To utilize the product in the best possible way.

Many users think that in video recording, camera is everything. Only after reading reviews, they will come to know that the quality of the video depends on good lighting. The same thing applies to many other products and services.

While responding to reviews, keep this fact in mind. Fill your reply with the information that tells your customers how to use the product in the best possible way. If a customer is finding it difficult to use your product, give him tutorials. Doing so will help all the people who will be reading your response.

4. To know if the business can deliver items on said dates.

Nobody likes when a business does not deliver items on the promised date. Sometimes, the item is purchased for a special day such as birthday, valentine’s day or anniversary day. In such cases, delivering the item after the promised date is of no use. Therefore, many customers try to figure out whether a business is capable of delivering products on the given date.

A couple of negative Google reviews, illustrating how a business could not deliver an item on time, is enough to spoil reputation. So, make sure your product reaches the customer on or before the delivery date.

5. To obtain peace of mind after the purchase.

Many business owners want to get rid of negative Google reviews and maintain a clean online reputation. However, it is not always a good idea. A couple of negative reviews are healthy and can help your business to have positive online reputation. Here is how.

Your customers want to know what are the positive aspects as well as negative aspects before making the purchase. So that, no bad quality of a product or a service takes them by surprise. In other words, they want to know what to expect after the purchase. Doing so, makes the whole buying process worry free. As a result, the customers are less likely to leave a negative review.

6. To see whether it can fulfill the need.

Products are manufactured, and services are offered to fulfill the needs of the customers. Knowing whether a product or a service can fulfill the need is the most basic thing, which a customer tries to find out via reading online customer reviews.

So make sure when you respond to the consumer reviews, you add all the necessary information that will help the customers to know whether a product or service is going to fulfill their various needs or not.

7. To identify rogue sellers.

Although there are many rules laid to keep rogue sellers away, they somehow make their way and deceive people. Some sellers display products they do not have, and do not intend to have. In such cases, online reviews help the customers to expose the rogue seller. Never follow this kind of practices. It can land you and your business in trouble.

Repairing the reputation is quite easy, if you take the help of an online reputation management company. However, if the reputation is spoiled for being a rogue seller, it makes things hard. Such damages are difficult to fix. It might bring a bad name for your other related businesses as well.

8. To discover the best brand.

Believe it or not, there are best brands for any product or service. People read reviews to know, which is the finest brand in the industry. It just takes a couple of minutes to type your and your competitors’ business name and read the reviews briefly.

After reading the online reviews customers get a brief idea on who is the industry leader and which is the best brand. The best thing about being the best brand is that people do not hesitate to pay you more for the same features. In a way, your reputation will literally earn money for you.