10 Reasons Why Google 1 Review Platform

By 12th April 2018Online Reputation
Google Reviews

Recently, Review Trackers conducted a survey, according to which Google is the most liked review platform. Nearly, 63 percent of the customers say they are likely to check online reviews on Google before buying a product or service on the Internet. In simple words, Google Reviews is dominating the review world. In fact, the majority of the people expect a brand or a business to have a presence on Google Reviews.

Just like every other successful thing present in the world, Google Reviews has some good reasons behind the love it got from the people. If you are investing your time and money on online reputation management, it is really important to know the reasons behind the success of the Google Reviews. So that you can pick some positive and relevant aspects and reflect them in your business. Therefore, we are presenting the top ten reasons that placed Google Reviews on the number-one position.

1. Local business friendly.

Google Reviews has integrated variety of features to help local business. These features basically make two things simple and effortless. One, they make it easy for the local customer to leave a review. Two, they make it comfortable for the business owners, especially small-business owners, to manage the reviews obtained from the customers.

Businesses on Google Reviews are added into Google’s search engine. Hence, the reviews are displayed whenever the potential consumer looks for products or service similar to yours in the local region. This gives business owners a good chance to showcase positive aspects of their business and improve brand awareness. In simple terms, you have a great opportunity to be the front and the center of the targeted audience.

2. Google makes it easy for your customers to reach you.

What is the first thing that comes to your customer’s mind when they are in need of a product or a service? It is pretty simple. The first thing that comes to their mind is ” let me google and find out.” If your business appears in the pop up, and has significant positive reviews, then the customers are more likely to buy from you.

Furthermore, Google reviews help a potential customer to find you easily through influencing the incoming traffic to your business website. Here the reviews shared on Google play an important role in determining whether or not to display your listing when someone conducts a local search. Google Reviews is a platform that gives you a great opportunity to keep growing via directly responding or interacting with the consumer reviews. While doing so, you can include keywords that your customer might use to search your business on Google. This further enhances your search engine ranking and makes it much easier to reach you.

3. Leaving a review on Google is less time consuming.

Leaving a review on a review platform can be a tedious job. One has to create an account in the platform to post a review on the same. However, this is not the case with Google Reviews. Since the majority of Internet users already have a Google account, a time-consuming step is reduced. Just in cases if some customers do not have a Google account, they can create it with only a couple of clicks.

Once a customer has a Google account, he or she simply needs to type your business name on the Google search and press the enter button. After that they can click on the required search result and leave a review. This whole thing can be completed in just a couple of clicks or minutes. The best part here is, even if the reviewer does not know how to post a review on Google, he or she can learn through trial-and-error method, which also doesn’t take much time. On the other hand, for other review platforms, online reputation management companies usually ask to create a “how to” guide for helping the customer to leave a review.

4. Google does not force you to download the app.

Sometimes leaving a review can be a lengthy and confusing job. A review platform might ask you to watch an ad or download an app on your phone in order to login. Yes, users may be asked to take this additional step. As far as the users are concerned, they do not like to download an extra app and fill the memory on the phone. In fact, many do not find it comfortable. They raise questions on the trust and the credibility.

One of the main reasons why Google Reviews has become the most popular review platform is that, one can post a review without downloading any mobile application. An Internet browsing device and the Internet are the only things that are required to leave a review on any business that has a presence on Google Reviews.

5. It increases your credibility.

The most important reason why people like or opt Google Reviews over other review platforms is that they find reviews on Google more credible compared to other review platforms. This is because the whole process is simple and transparent.

Some of the platforms give customers an opportunity to post a review with the usernames. As the result, it becomes easy for business owners, competitors, and former employees to post the fake reviews. Consequently, the customers, who read the reviews, start to doubt the credibility of the reviews posted by the real customers.

Well, Google Reviews’ case is completely different. It is really hard to post a review on Google being anonymous. Almost all the reviews posted in the Google have a full customer name. Therefore, it is not easy to leave a forged review. Just like other review platforms, Google also is not completely immune to fake reviews. People do post false reviews. The good news is that it is easy to report and delete the negative Google reviews.

6. GPS on Google Maps asks the customers to leave a review.

Once your customer finds and visits your business place using Google Maps, the app displays a pop up on his or her mobile screen. This pop up, asks the customer to post his or her experiences and rate the business. Google does this with the help of the mobile location tracking system. Unfortunately, most of the other review sites do not have this feature. They largely depend on the intention of the customers. That is, on the other platforms, a customer leaves a review only if he wants to. They are not encouraged to post a review. As the result, other platforms usually have pretty less quantity of reviews compared to Google.

In online reputation management quantity of the review is important. In fact, in many cases, number of the reviews are more valuable than the quality of reviews. That is exactly where Google is better than the other review sites. It brings a large number of reviews and makes your online reputation management easy. After all, receiving ten 4-star rating is better than obtaining one 5-star rating.

7. Google takes the help of the local guide.

Local guides program is one of the unique features that Google has. This program encourages local users to contribute to the Google Reviews by posting photos and reviews of the local businesses. In this way, it has been successful in generating unique, genuine and valuable content that is helpful for the consumers.

It is a well-known fact that Google places Google Maps at the top in the search engine results page. So, whenever a user searches a local business, he finds the Google Maps on top, which pushes the other review sites to one position down. As the result, they receive fewer clicks, and gain low traffic from the search engine results page. Hence, it can be said that traffic is also an important factor that placed Google Reviews at the top.

8. Google has smartly leveraged mobile.

As the days are passing, more and more people are browsing the Internet through their mobile phones. Recently, we have seen that mobile Internet usage has overtaken the desktop. Google understands this fact very well. That is the reason why it has leveraged smartphones.

You might already know that Google owns Android, which is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, with more than 70% of the market share. In simple words, Google has provided operating system for the majority of the mobile phones present throughout the world. These smartphones come with pre-installed Google apps. One among those pre-installed apps is Google Maps. So it is pretty obvious that Google Maps will be the first choice for a majority of the people across the world to search for a local business.

9. With Google, it is easy to counter fake reviews.

Fake reviews are one of the biggest problems that almost all review sites face. Although it is not possible to eradicate the false reviews completely, a platform can take some necessary measures to restrict them to a small number. Again, as expected, it is Google Reviews, which has excelled in this category. It has made easy for the business owners to report reviews that are fake or violate Google guidelines. Therefore, it is easy to delete negative Google reviews, provided that they are fake.

Unfortunately, when it comes to countering fake reviews, other review sites are not as efficient as Google. One can find many review sites, where posting a forged review for damaging the reputation is quite easy. Being said that, there are also a couple of review sites where it is difficult to post a genuine review. Yes, that is true. Let us take Yelp as an example, which is also a popular review platform. Yelp takes fake reviews seriously, so they are bent down to fight them, which is definitely a good thing. However, in this process nearly 25% of the reviews are filtered out. Among those 25% of reviews, there are many genuine reviews. So, whenever a customer posts a positive review, his opinion might get filtered.

10. Google has a reputation.

Last but not the least, brand reputation matters. When people are lazy to do a research on a brand or when they do not have enough knowledge to make a decision, they are more likely to opt the choice of the rest of the people. That is they are more likely to choose a brand that is trusted and used by a large number of people.

There are many review platforms available today. Many business owners find it difficult to prioritize. Consequently, many go by the brand name. Over the years, Google has gained the trust of the Internet users and built a strong reputation. Hence, many users find Google Reviews more credible and prefer it compared to others.

Online reputation management is a huge industry. One of the important advantages of having a solid reputation is that it establishes good reputation for the new products or services launched in the market. The excellent reputation earned through selling one product or service, will reflect while introducing new products or services. Your customers will trust the new product as much as the one which you are selling from years.

Bottom Line:

We have discussed ten main reasons that placed Google Reviews on the top. If you own a business, Google Reviews must be your first priority. However, having the presence only on Google Reviews may not be a good thing for your business. Online reputation management companies usually suggest to have an active presence on all the major and relevant review platforms, including social media. It is actually a good idea to be wherever your customers are speaking about you. It will give you an opportunity to address consumer concerns, add value to customers, improve brand awareness, and expand online visibility.