10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Customer Reviews

By 29th March 2018Online Reputation
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There is one common misconception among many business owners. That is, having no reviews is better than having negative reviews. And that is the reason why many overlook the importance of reviews. As the result, they have very few or no reviews. Reviews plays an important role in both online reputation management and search engine optimization. They build trust and attract new customers. If you have fewer reviews, your customers will consider your business as relatively inexperienced, and prefer your competitors over you. Hence, it makes sense to increase your review count. Here are the ten easy ways to increase your customer review.

1. Send a follow-up email

There is no better way to get reviews than sending follow up emails to your customers. Your customers are more likely to review your business, products or services just after making a purchasing. So, sending them a follow-up email or text message with the link to review page can work in favor of you. A good email that is written to seek a review contains images of recent purchase. Therefore, do not forget to add the pictures of the latest purchase and link to the review page. In addition to that, make sure your email exhibits how much a customer review is valuable for you.

2. Make the whole process easy

When it comes to reviews, you need to keep it simple. Web surfers usually have a lazy behavior. If the process is lengthy, confusing or time consuming, your customer may decide to hit the back button or even close the window. Make sure it takes only a couple of clicks to review your business. Furthermore, have a friendly approach to all the customers, including the unsatisfied ones. Your unfriendly behavior can resist your customers from reviewing your product or service.

3. Do your research

Before asking your customers to review your business, you need to make sure your online store has a presence on all the major platforms that your potential customers go to read or post reviews. Although there are numerous sites that offer an option to review a business, Google is considered as the most reliable and credible. Furthermore, Google reviews are more popular over the others. Make sure you are on the Google and all the other important sites, for example, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and Yahoo.

4. Reward customers for review submission

You need to be careful with this method. Giving discounts to your customers for reviewing your site might kill the credibility of the positive Google reviews that you have achieved in the past. People might think you are influencing the experience that they had with you. Therefore, it is far better to select a couple of lucky customers who have submitted their reviews and reward them. In this way, you can motivate your recent buyers to post a review and also retain the credibility of your positive Google reviews.

5. Place call to action button

You can place a call to action button that takes the customers to the review page. However, overdoing it may not be a good idea. Experts usually suggest to place the call to action in the product page itself. Yes, why to wait for a purchase? Your visitors might have purchased the product from someone else, or saw someone close using it. It simply increases the number of quality reviews. This is because people are more likely to review a product when they are thinking about it.

6. Make use are surveys

Not all the people who bought your products and services will come forward to post a review. In fact, majority of them just don’t. Most of the time, customers are lazy to leave a review, or they sometime don’t know what to say. Well, in these case surveys can come handy. You can take surveys and post them on various platforms where your customers are active. Make sure your surveys are short and simple. Do not make it boring. SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Zoho Survey, SurveyPlanet and SoGoSurvey are some popular tools to take surveys online.

7. Pull manufacturer’s customer reviews

Check, whether your manufacturer allows to pull customer reviews from their site to yours. If yes, you have the easiest method to get quality reviews, which not only improve online reputation of the products you are selling, but also give valuable information to the potential buyers. More reviews simply mean more credible star rating and conversion. However, taking SEO into account, it is not a good idea to over use this method. We suggest you to take your steps carefully. Do not depend solely on manufacturer’s customer reviews.

8. Be good to every reviewer

Negative reviews are frustrating. We all hate them. We all want to delete negative Google reviews. It is quite understandable. However, a wrong response can do more damage than the negative review itself. So, it is a good habit to be nice with everyone. Never forget to thank all the reviewers, including your unsatisfied customers. It will reflect your and your brand’s professionalism. Make sure that you do not copy-paste the same response to all the reviews. Spare some time to write a genuine reply.

9. Establish social proof

By establishing a social proof you can hit three birds with one stone. That is you can establish credibility, gain more reviews and obtain more conversion. You can establish social proof by using experts in your industry, crowds or celebrity. Your customers tend to follow the crowd. In other words, more people will bring in more people. That is the reason why big companies display numbers. It simply makes the online reputation management easy.

10. Emphasize the value of reviews to your employees

As a business owner, you may not deal with the customers directly. So, it makes sense to stress the importance of reviews to customer service representatives and the employees working under you. Make sure your employees know how to ask reviews, say thanks, and remind customers about the different platform to post the review. Give them, a goal and a direction. So that you along with your employees work towards achieving a common goal.