17 Reasons Why You Need Google Reviews

By 22nd February 2018Online Reputation
google reviews

When it comes to online review platforms, Google Reviews is the king. It has gained the trust of the Internet users and has become the most popular review platform across the world. It can help your business in several ways. Irrespective of what type of business you own, you need Google Reviews. That is because Google reviews can positively impact your online reputation management (ORM), as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the top 17 reasons why you need Google Reviews.

1. Google Reviews build customer trust

Well, let us start with something core. Customer trust is the soul of a business. Without it, a business is dead. That is the reason why many companies invest their money in a good online reputation management service. Google reviews are popular; people like to read Google reviews before making a purchase. Hence, it can be said that Google reviews play a vital role of influencing the buying decision of a customer. Here are some eye-opening statistics.

  • More than 90% of the consumers read online reviews.
  • More than 80% of the people trust online reviews.
  • More than 70% of the people revealed positive reviews make them trust a brand more.
  • Google is the place where a lot of Internet users come across your business for the first time, so good Google reviews increases the chances of converting them into customers.

2. Star ratings improve click through rates

Displaying star rating in the search engine results page is one of the best practices that online reputation management companies ask to follow. That is because customers usually prefer a business that has good star rating over the one which does not have any. According to a recent study, a business that ranks in between five to ten on the first page of Google can attract more clicks that the websites with higher ranking, if they have a better star rating. In other words, star rating helps you to dominate the search engine results page.

3. Google Reviews allow the customers to create content

Well, there is a difference between the content created by you and the customers. You run the business, so it is pretty obvious that you will show your business in the good light. Whereas the customers are neutral, they write reviews based on their experiences that they had with your product or service. That is the reason why Google loves reviews, which are nothing but an unbiased content. There is one thing to note here. You will not always receive positive reviews. It is common to get a couple of negative reviews as well . Moreover, your user will not expect you to have all the good reviews. It is a well known fact that, one cannot make everyone happy.

4. Helps you to drive huge organic traffic

Google reviews improve organic traffic in two ways. One, by improving click through rate. Two, by improving search engine optimization.


  1. Google reviews give your customers an opportunity to have a good star rating, which improves the click through rate. An excellent click through rate automatically increases the traffic coming to your website.
  2. Google reviews give an opportunity to your customers to write reviews. When your customers write a review, they implement natural long tail keywords. As the result, it improves your search engine optimization. Although you are focusing on dozens of keywords already, consumer reviews will leave a deep impact. That is because while writing a review, customers use their own language. Consequently, Google will start to associate your business with the long tail keywords, which will drive more traffic.

5. Positive feedback loop

A feedback loop can be defined as the process of collecting customer feedback on their overall satisfaction, and responding to that feedback to make your customer happy. Google Reviews help you to develop a positive feedback loop. Here are the things that a positive feedback loop will help you to know:

  • What product or service did your customer receive?
  • Did your business live up to the customer expectations?
  • What are the overall pros and cons of your business?
  • These things help your business to adapt your customer interests and evolve to become a mature and customer-oriented business.

6. Converts your visitors into customers

The ultimate goal of any business is to make more sales. For that, one has to convert a visitor into the customer. Here, Google reviews will help you to achieve the same. Although user experience, responsive design, page load time, navigation and content are the important conversion rate factors, Google reviews is powerful enough to do the conversion alone. Therefore, any business with a strong rating should promote the rating all over the website. Doing so will help you to gain customer confidence on your brand, which leads to a successful business transaction.

7. Google Reviews influence search engine ranking

Just like online reputation management; search engine optimization is pretty fundamental for any online business. Although they are quite different, they overlap at one point that is Google reviews. Google reviews can establish a good online reputation, as well as better online visibility. Yes, reviews do impact the search engine ranking. In fact, reviews hold a share of 10% in the overall ranking. Google takes both quality and quantity of the reviews into account to provide a search engine ranking. Therefore, it makes sense to get more and more high-quality reviews.

8. Brings a good return on investment

In the previous points, we have mentioned that Google reviews are known to improve customer trust, click through rates, organic traffic, search engine ranking and conversion rate. Each one of these are the vital aspects of search engine optimization that collectively contributes to improve the return on investment. Therefore, it can be said that when smartly used, Google reviews can help you gain high return on investment. However, this usually takes time. This is a kind of end result. To see the actually improvement in the return on investment, you may have to wait.

9. Few Google reviews can get you a lot of reviews

In an online reputation management, both quality and quantity of the review play a significant role to uplift your brand image. Hence, along with quality, it is really important to have a good quantity of reviews. Google is the most popular review platform we have. Leaving a review of a business, product, service, or a brand on the Google is quite easy. One need not download an app. Couple of clicks are sufficient to post a review on Google. In short, with this effortless and popular platform, you can easily obtain a lot of reviews, which can be helpful to you in uplifting search engine ranking and online reputation.

10. Helps you in addressing consumer concerns

Did you know? An unsatisfied customer is more likely to leave a review compared to a happy customer. Well, it is not bad news at all. You can earn positive Google reviews by encouraging your satisfied customers. That solves half of the problem. Well, the other half of the problem is not exactly a problem. No business around the world can eliminate negative reviews completely. Everyone gets bad reviews. However, what do you do after getting the bad reviews matters the most. Think in this way, there must be a platform, where you listen and respond to your customers. Using Google Reviews, you can address consumer concerns and make sure their voice is heard and implemented.

11. Google Reviews can improve lead generation

Lead generation is one of the important goals we try to achieve through a digital marketing strategy. Google reviews definitely help you to identify and cultivate your potential customers for your products and services. Doing so will help you to expand your business and increase customer base. Truth is that, it is lead generation, which keeps your business running. Without it, your sales are destined to shrink and your competitors are more likely to overtake you. In short, it can be said that Google reviews help your business to be alive, and run it on the right track to reach a successful destination.

12. Know the word on the street

You cannot manage your online reputation without knowing what others are talking about you. Only when you know what others are talking, you can take necessary steps to make required changes in the various business departments, including sales, production and customer service. In simple words, Google reviews help your business to evolve and match customer needs. As the result, with time your business will be more likely to be loved by the future customers. That’s how few good reviews drive a lot of excellent reviews to establish a great online reputation.

13. Google takes other review sources into account

Yes, Google takes other review sources into account while ranking. This is actually a good thing. Here is exactly how. In the field of online reputation management, competitors tend to run a campaign to harm your reputation. So, even if your reputation is under attack in one platform, your search engine ranking will not be affected much. The positive reviews on the other platforms will most probably nullify the impact of fake reviews posted in one platform. Therefore, it is a good practice to encourage your customers to review your business on the various platforms such as Goodreads, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Amazon and Facebook. Make sure the platforms you are asking your customers to leave a review, are relevant to your industry. Note that, Yellow pages reviews are equally helpful.

14. Reach a large audience

When it comes to a review platform, you must be able to reach more people, gain more reviews, listen to more people. That is exactly what Google Reviews will help you achieve easily. It is the most popular review platform right now. So, an average customer is more likely to search you first on Google Reviews to express his experience with your business. In fact, most of the people expect a business to have a presence on Google Reviews. Not having an active presence on Google will leave an impression that your business is relatively new or not up-to-date. However, one should also have an active presence on other review platforms such as Yelp, Yell and TripAdvisor. That is because along with reviews present on Google, Google also considers other review sources for ranking.

15. Reduction in complaints and negative reviews

Almost everything in the world, has both positive and negative sides. This holds good for your products and services too. No matter how great your products or services you have they will have cons. Cons doesn’t necessarily mean the defect in the product. The cons may be with respective cost, user friendly experience, appearance, or durability. Google reviews will let people know the cons of a product or service before making a purchase. In simple words, we can say that a potential customer will make a conscious decision. After the purchase, cons will not surprise and motive him to leave a terrible Google review. Hence, it can be said that a couple of negative reviews can avoid future bad reviews or complaints.

16. Costless advertising

One of the biggest advantages of Google’s review platform is that it has huge audience. And normally, marketing is done where the strength of the audience is more. Hence, having a decent reputation on Google is nothing but a costless advertising. With every single good review, positive aspect of your business is exposed to more and more people. Hence, gaining reviews will contribute to your other advertising strategies without costing you anything. Furthermore, it will positively influence the purchase decision of a potential customer and convert him. As the result, you will have incremental sales and expanding customer base.

17. Builds a close customer relationship

Social media and review sites have one thing in common. That is they build customer relationships. Although the aim of a review platform is to display customer experiences, writing professional responses on the review site can build a great customer relationship. When you love what your customers have to say about you, including bad reviews, people will like you more and build a social relationship with your company, brand or business. As the time passes, this customer relationship will turn into brand loyalty and attract new customers easily. After all, customer relationship is one of the most important pillars of a business. Make sure it is built with utmost care.