5 Best Free Online Reputation Management Tools

By 8th February 2018Online Reputation
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Your online reputation doesn’t remain same forever. It changes time to time. It is a good practice to know what is said about you in the Internet, across various platforms. An online reputation of any brand has fluid characteristics and is shaped by people’s words. If you haven’t started monitoring your reputation yet, then you are missing something extremely important.

Thankfully, some amazing free tools are available to monitor your online reputation effortlessly. Below we are listing out best free online reputation management tools. Check out, which reputation management tools suit your business.


Google Alerts is a most simple, easy to use, and a popular tool used for monitoring online reputation. Just like most of the Google services, Google Alerts is free. You can easily set up Google Alerts within a couple of minutes, and get email alerts for your brand name and brand name related keywords. All you have to do is fill the below information:
1. Add search items you want alerts for
2. Type of results you want
3. Sources
4. Language and Region
5. How often and How many
6. Your email address


Social mention is a completely free tool that can be used to monitor your online reputation. Just like the name indicates, it helps you to know your brand mentions in the social sphere. The biggest advantage of using Social Mention is that, it does an in-depth analysis of your brand mentions and gives vital information such as strength, sentiment, passion and reach. It also provides extremely useful data such as:
1. Top related Keywords, Users and Hashtags.
2. Source: Twitter, Reddit, etc.
3. Sentiment: Positive, Negative and Neutral.
4. Last mention, frequency of mention, unique authors and retweets.


IFTTT simply means IF This, Then That. It is an amazing automation tool, which reduces your efforts and saves time. IFTTT works in three steps:
● Step 1: You make a rule.
● Step 2: If that rule occurs,
● Step 3: Your specified action will be taken.

For example: Whenever you are tagged in a photo on Instagram, it will be sent to Google drive. Mind blowing isn’t it? This tool can be creatively used for monitoring online reputation. For example, if your brand is mentioned in Reddit, you or your team gets a direct message.


Image Raider is a brilliant tool that does reverse image search. That is, you can upload an image or a picture, and Image Raider will check who is using the uploaded image across Google, Bing and Yandex. With Image Raider, you have a long term image monitoring option. You can add your photos or image catalogues and image raider will let you know, if any website uses them. This helps especially to those businesses, which uses pictures or images.


Talkwalker’s free social search helps you discover people’s sentiment towards your brand, company, business, product or service over last seven days. It covers 150 million websites, including all social networks, and let you know your reputation across blogs, online news, social networks, forums, etc. The real advantage with Talkwalker is you can monitor your online reputation in real time without having any limit for the number of searches you conduct.