Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Reviews For Your Business

By 1st February 2018Online Reputation
Reviews advantages & disadvantages

Online reviews can make or break any business. Online reviews have become important for both potential customers as well as business owners. Reviews help potential customers to know the post buying experiences before making a purchase. It also gives business owners a good possibility to establish an excellent online reputation. Just like everything else in the world, online reviews have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Online Reviews:

● Elevates Customer’s Confidence: The biggest advantage of positive customer reviews is that it elevates customer’s confidence in your business. With a high confidence or trust, a customer is more likely to recommend your business to his circle.

● Free Advertising: A business spends a lot of money on advertisements. Online reviews are considered as trustworthy. 84% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Hence, getting good reviews is nothing but free advertisements.

● Evolves Your Business: Reviews are the source for feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions. It helps you to understand the current issues. Solving these issues by following better business practices will further improve customer experience.

● Customers Tend To Spend More: A study revealed that a customer is more likely to spend 31% more on a product or a service, which has good reviews. Here the advantage is you can earn more for a given product or service.

● Widens Customer Base: New customers are attracted to businesses that have gained people’s confidence. Good online reviews help you to attain more and more new customers and increase your customer base.

Disadvantages Of Online Reviews:

False Reviews: it is quite easy for anyone to post a fake review and get away with it. It is usually done by competitors and ex-employees. These fake reviews can harm your business significantly.

● People Want To Read Negative Reviews: Yes, a study revealed that customers are more likely to post bad experiences, compared to good experiences. Unfortunately, a potential customer tends to read negative reviews compared to positive ones.

● You Can’t Make Everyone Happy: In every business, we come across some people, who are impossible to please. Hence, irrespective of how good your products or services are, having bad reviews is inevitable.

● Outdated Reviews: Having reviews that are a year old can be hazardous. It will give your potential customers an impression that you are outdated, even though reviews are excellent. It is a good practice to keep reviews up to date.

● Reduction In Sales: It takes only few negative reviews to lose your customer’s confidence on you. A couple of bad reviews are enough to repel more than half of potential customers.


Online reviews have both positive and negative sides. You can’t completely eradicate negative aspects of online reviews. An excellent online reputation management strategy will surely minimize its impact to establish a good overall online reputation.