Why Google My Business Page Is Important For Every Business ?

By 22nd January 2018Online Reputation
google my business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free marketing tool used for attracting new customers to the business. It makes your listing appear at the right place and at the right time. That is Google My Business places your listing, when people are searching for your business or business like yours on Google Search or Maps. Here are the few reasons why Google My Business page is important to every business.

1. GMB Listing Attracts New Customers

Google My Business listings appear at the top positions of search results. After verification of GMB account, you can a add link to your company website. New customers always want to know more about you and your business. Clicking on your listing will redirect them to your company website and improve web traffic.

2. It Helps To Build Your Reputation

Having a good online reputation is a vital aspect for any business. Google My Business gives your customers an option to write a review about your business. Having good reviews makes your online reputation extremely powerful. Customers usually do a brief research by reading yours, and your competitors review before making a contact with you.

3. It Provides Useful Details

Customers search for some important information before making a purchase. When someone searches your business name, Google My business shows your business in side panel with below details:
● Website & Physical Location
● Contact numbers
● Popular times
● Working hours & Working days
● Q&A and Reviews

4. Control Location

In any business, it is very important to get found by right people. With the help of Google My Business, you can tell Google the regions you service and Google will make your listing more noticeable for those regions and help you in lead generation.

5. Mobile Friendly

GMB is very much mobile friendly. It means your customers on mobile can find you easily. A probable customer on mobile is just one tap away from you. That is he/she just needs to tap on the contact number present in your Google My Business page to call you. Increase in calls is nothing but increase in business.

6. Provides Valuable Insights

Insights are extremely important to understand how people are interacting with your business. These interactions helps you to evolve your marketing strategies. Below are the few insights which Google My business provides:
● Customer behaviors such as clicks, calls, listing, etc.
● Geographical locations of the visitors.
● Popularity of the photos.
● How did a customer find your business?

7. Allows You To Express

Google My Business gives you an option to add photographs, videos and even 360° virtual tour. It helps a new customer to know you, your business and your business culture before stepping into your business premises. These little details help you to achieve the customer’s confidence on you.

Google My Business is a free marketing tool important to every single business. If you haven’t started using it, then you are missing out something, which is fundamental. Get your listing today.