Five Signs Your Business Needs Online Reputation Management (ORM)

By 6th January 2018Online Reputation
Online Reputation Management

Today, a customer’s purchase decision largely depends on your online reputation. We all know; online reputation of your company is shaped by what others are saying about you. Majority of businessmen overlook the importance of online reputation management until bad reputation starts hurting their business adversely. Therefore, we are listing out signs that indicate your business needs online reputation management service. So, that you act early and keep your business secure.

SIGN 1: It All Begins With Few Negative Reviews

Reading reviews of former customers has been the most effective and popular method to do a research on a particular brand. These reviews tell the customer side of the story and hence are reliable. A couple of negative reviews can harm your business.

Three negative reviews can approximately repel  60% of customers. The worst thing one can do is ignore negative reviews. It is better to seek professional help of online reputation management agency, when you get a couple of negative reviews.

SIGN 2: Reduction In Web Traffic

It is a good practice to keep an eye on your web traffic regularly with the help of website analytics and traffic measurement tools. If you follow this practice, you will notice a gradual decrement in your website traffic. It is actually a kind of intimation, which asks you to act immediately.

The more you neglect bad reviews, the more damage your business suffers. Taking early steps and hiring an online reputation management expert can help your business in recovering from the impact of bad reviews quickly.

SIGN 3: Unhappy Customers > Loyal Customers

 It is really important to identify happy customers as well as dissatisfied customers. There are many tools available to measure the customer loyalty. NPS is the one such most popular tool, which helps to discover unhappy customer and satisfied customers.

If the number of dissatisfied customers is more compared to happy customers, then your listing will be flooded with negative reviews, which builds a bad reputation in the market. Therefore, it makes it difficult to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

SIGN 4: Poor Conversion Rate

According to a study, 88% of the customer trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That simply means, your potential customer will see what your former customers have to say about their experiences.

The fact is that, people tend to share negative experiences more often compared to the positive experiences. Notable number of bad reviews can harm the potential customer’s confidence on you. He/she may decide not to make a purchase, which lowers your conversion rate.

SIGN 5: Angry Ex-worker and Annoyed Competitors

 It is not rare to be a victim of fake reviews posted by ex-workers and competitors. A series of negative reviews from them can bring your business down and make you suffer financial losses. An online reputation management company can fight fake reviews and help you to remove them.


If you identify these signs early and hire an online reputation management expert quickly, then you can easily recover from the impact of bad reputation in a short time.


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