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Love them or hate them, reviews matter. Let us help you achieve a fresh start to make your Google Reviews a valuable asset, instead of causing you stress and headache.

Guaranteed Removal

No over promising, no under delivering. Our work is proven time and time again.

No Monthly Subscriptions

Pay with a quick and simple BACS or PayPal transfer. No need to hand over any details.

No Logins Required

Stay secure. We’ll take care of things without asking for login credentials.

SEO Friendly

Your search presence will be unaffected. In fact, we’ll even optimise your Google Reviews listing.

Stop Google Reviews abuse and let us take care of things so you can get on with business.

how to remove a google review

19 Google reviews with a misleading 1.8 star rating caused by competitor abuse.

Just like you, we want happy clients that tell their friends about us. So far, so good! For independent businesses in competitive markets, just a few lost opportunities caused by unfair reviews can make a huge difference. Our niche digital know-how has delivered reliable results for countless businesses large and small across many industries who breathe a sigh of relief for having a second chance to get their Google Reviews strategy right.


A fresh start with a clean listing free from harmful reviews.

Constantly firefighting unfair Google reviews is no fun when you’d rather be getting on with business. Once you have your shiny new listing, you can even leave it under our management to bullet-proof Reviews longer-term. We’ll keep it healthy and competitive to make sure it becomes a marketing asset that makes a positive impact to your bottom line.

remove google review

Remove Unfair Google Reviews, Remove the Stress.

Reliable Reputation Management

Legitimate, proven processes for long-lasting, reliable results. No ‘maybe’s’ or half-measures. We don’t over-promise or under-deliver.

Safe, Secure One-time Payment.

Our Google review removal solution is a one-time service. No need to hand over card details or set up direct debits that you might forget about.

We Speak SEO

Why stop at removing Google Reviews? Our background is in digital. We’ve got other tricks up our sleeve. If you need digital services and fuss-free, cost effective SEO then speak to us for a free SEO audit and Google Page-1 key word proposal. We know some clever folks.

Fast Turnaround

Practice makes perfect. In just 15 working days or so, you’ll have a new listing with Google Reviews removed, ready to be managed up to a high star-rating by your team (or ours if you like!)


Removed 38 fake Google Reviews


The Google My Business listing of a popular Letting agency in Plymouth, had been affected by Google Reviews abuse. Read the case study to find out how we helped improve their online reputation while empowering them to generate more local enquiries and new business.


212 Google Reviews Removed in 15 days


A leading Car dealer London was suffering from the consequence of 212 fake reviews. Know how ReviewSolved successfully removed the fake Google reviews and gave them a new start.

One-time, low commitment

Google Reviews Cleanup

A great option for fixing an unmanageable Google Reviews listing affected by unfair or mistaken reviews from competitors, unhappy ex-employees or people looking to place blame. Once we finish cleaning things up, we hand back over to you to implement a reviews strategy and manage the listing productively.


Most Popular

Quarterly Cleanup

Perfect for Google Reviews listings that suffer frequent reviews abuse. You’ll have one cleanup token per quarter for a fresh start on request. A better value, more cost effective option compared to purchasing several one-time cleanups over 12 months.

Best Value

Fully Managed Listing

Up to 6 listing cleanup tokens to use at any time on request across 12 months, plus active monitoring and review management – We’ll keep an eye on your listing each week and will proactively take action to keep your listing healthy and productive.

Some of our happy clients

What They’re Saying

“Our Google My Business page was flooded with bad reviews. I never thought things would get better so quickly. ReviewSolved did a great job. We now have a clean Google My Business listing. Thank you for reestablishing our lost reputation !!”

Anthony SmithBeauty Salon

“Our firm was suffering from the consequences of fake reviews, planted by one of our ex-employee. Within 2 weeks, ReviewSolved helped us to get rid of them. The best thing was we were not asked to pay a single penny until the results were achieved”

Bilal SalamehAccountants , London

““The whole thing was tension free since I had to pay only after the removal of bad Google reviews. My business has recovered from the impact of negative reviews and is back on track. ReviewSolved kept the promise of wiping out bad Google reviews””

Mitch NunnLetting Agents, London

“I actually don't know how they did it, but this thing actually works. My business was drowning due to some 20 odd negative reviews. Right from the day one, everything went on smooth. Finally, my Google My Business listing is free from bad reviews”

Kat NolanEstate Agents

Look after your Google Reviews and they’ll look after you.

We don’t live in a perfect world. If we did, all your happy clients would write 5-star reviews and unhappy clients would give you a chance to fix issues before rolling up their sleeves to leave you a bad review. The reality is, clients and customers have different expectations and often only see one side of the story. You may have a happy client that leaves a glowing Google review because something went wrong and you acted in a timely way to fix things or you may have an unhappy customer that leaves you an unfair review even though you did all you could for them. People’s experiences and expectations are subjective and the facts of the situation are sometimes ignored or misinterpreted—which is why Google and other sites that offer customer reviews are reluctant to mediate disputes and may only remove reviews in extreme circumstances or when you’re able to present concrete evidence that

If you’re really unlucky, your Google Reviews may attract the attention of vindictive competitors trying to put a dent in your business, bitter ex-employees, confused non-clients mistaking you for another business, or any combination of these. This really is the worst-case scenario and can render your listing unmanageable and toxic, doing you more harm than good.

Just how damaging is a toxic Google Reviews listing?

You don’t need us to tell you that online reputation matters. In 2018 Google rose to dominate the online reviews market with 6 out of 10 consumers going to Google as their first choice source for customer reviews.

That means around 60% of online buyers will first spend time reading Google reviews and researching a business and their competitors when considering their services. This might be something as simple as a haircut in a salon, or something life-changing like renting or buying a house or car.

Just how much difference do reviews make to your bottom line? Well, hold onto your coffee and let’s look at some figures.

Reviews are embedded as part of the buying process.

86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18-34).

More reviews, more trust.

Consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a business.

Customers don’t really trust businesses with a rating under 4-stars.

80 percent of consumers say the star ratings they trust the most are 4.0, 4.5, and 5 stars.

 BrightLocal: Local Consumer Review Survey 2018
ReviewsTrack: 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey: Statistics and Trends

The inescapable fact is that those little stars on your Google Reviews listing have a direct impact on revenue so it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re on top of things to maintain a healthy listing that will work for you as a marketing asset that generates new business and grows reputation, rather than against you as a hole in your pocket and a constant headache.

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How can I remove unfair reviews?

Even genuine customers and people you really did do business with can get the wrong end of the stick and trash-talk you online after a misunderstanding. You strive to provide a timely, effective service and they might still throw the toys out of the pram. Posting unfair reviews is all too easy; however, to remove Google reviews you’ll need determination, patience, evidence and a little luck when you approach Google. The results are far from guaranteed. Months can roll by and in the end the unfair reviews may still remain.

What can you do if your Google Reviews listing is suffering abuse?

Ignore the problem and bury your head in the sand…
Likely outcome: loss of enquiries, loss of business, and long-term brand damage.

Firefight your way back to a higher star-rating…
Likely outcome: Time and energy spent requesting positive reviews, and hoping no more unfair review are posted. Zero guarantees and a ‘running-on-the-spot’ scenario.

Switch your Google Reviews listing status to ‘Permanently closed’
Likely outcome: You’re out of the game and people think you’ve shut up shop. No more unfair reviews can be posted, but you’re still doing yourself harm by not benefiting from your Google Reviews listing.

Chase Google…
Likely outcomes: Much time and energy invested with ping-pong calls and emails, potentially for nothing unless you have a strong case that they can confidently act on.

The ReviewSolved Option…

So how does ReviewSolved help?

Lift business roadblocks…
With a fresh listing free from unfair reviews, you’ll have a second chance to get a grip of your reviews strategy and consistently request positive reviews and your prospects will be more likely to get in contact to enquire. Even zero reviews can be better than a flurry of negative reviews from people determined to trip you up.

Quickly jump to a high star-rating…
A low star-rating, even if it’s unjustified, means low trust and a drop in enquiries. Google listing will quickly jump to 4 or 5 stars if you act quickly by gaining just two or three positive reviews early on. High star-ratings also means increased exposure in Google maps when your prospects filter the search results to show only listings of 4.0 stars or higher.

Organise and strategise…
A neglected Google Reivews listing can quickly become unmanageable. By starting again with a fresh listing you’ll have the chance to implement a sensible and productive reviews strategy that will ensure authentic, positive reviews quickly build up to make your listing more productive as a marketing asset while also making it more difficult for reviews abuse to harm—a couple of negatives in an ocean of positives will have a limited impact on your star rating. Especially if you respond factually and calmly to negative reviews.